About Us

Welcome to Cheap Trivia, a minority-owned and operated business dedicated to empowering bars and restaurants to thrive. Our founder has years of experience hosting trivia and working in various capacities in the restaurant industry, from high-end establishments to local breweries. With extensive expertise in both front-of-house and back-of-house operations, managing restaurants, and online and offline marketing, we understand the unique challenges venues face and how to effectively market them.

At Cheap Trivia, we combine our hands-on knowledge with deep marketing experience to provide comprehensive trivia solutions that enhance business during slower nights, attract and retain customers, and boost revenue. Whether through our engaging trivia packs, effective marketing materials, or personalized consultation services, we are committed to helping your venue become the go-to spot for unforgettable trivia nights. Join us in transforming quiet evenings into bustling, profitable events.

Weekly Trivia Subscription Email Service

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Dave (Owner)

The 1762 At The Warwick Hotel

"Our trivia nights have been a huge boost to our Thursday evenings. Our community loves it, and we've seen an almost 300% increase in sales. Highly recommend!"

Brandie (General Manager)

Rubber Soul Brewing Co.

"Trivia night has been a popular addition to our weekly schedule, and we have seen an increase in both new and repeat customers because of it!"