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Weekly Trivia Subscription Email Service

Weekly Trivia Subscription Email Service


Discover the secret to more exciting evenings and a busier bar or restaurant with our expertly crafted trivia night subscription. SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS as trivia night turns your slowest evenings into your busiest.


Unlock the potential of your bar or restaurant with our engaging trivia night subscription. Every week, you’ll receive 40+ meticulously crafted questions across four exciting rounds—three Q&A, one picture round, and a tie breaker question—designed to captivate and entertain your customers. This is your opportunity to revitalize your business and see the transformative power of trivia nights in boosting your customer engagement and sales.


  • Engaging Weekly Content: Dive into diverse trivia themes every week, keeping your customers excited and guessing.
  • Attract and Retain Customers: Our trivia nights are designed not just to entertain, but also to build a community, drawing new and regular patrons alike.
  • Increase Profits: Transform your quieter evenings into high-energy, profitable nights, boosting both sales and your establishment's reputation.
  • Flexibility and Control: With no long-term commitment and the ability to cancel anytime, you’re always in control of how you use our service.
  • A Smart Investment: Starting at just $59.99/month, it's a cost-effective strategy to keep your customers returning.


Take advantage of this opportunity to turn your venue into the ultimate destination for trivia enthusiasts. Our tailored trivia subscription creates a vibrant community atmosphere, increasing customer satisfaction and driving profits, especially on slower nights. Sign up now and transform your business into a thriving, profitable hub of activity!


The 1762 At The Warwick Hotel: "Our trivia nights have completely turned around our slow evenings. Our regulars love it, and we've seen a significant increase in new customers. Highly recommend!"


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