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Home Alone Trivia Night Theme Pack

Home Alone Trivia Night Theme Pack

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Did you know that "Home Alone" is one of the highest-grossing comedies of all time? Imagine hosting a trivia night that brings back the hilarious antics of Kevin McCallister and the Wet Bandits! Our Home Alone Trivia Night Theme Pack is your ticket to an unforgettable evening that will have your patrons laughing, reminiscing, and competing for the title of ultimate "Home Alone" expert.

Unlock the potential of your trivia nights with our expertly crafted questions that delve deep into the beloved Christmas classic. From Kevin's ingenious traps to the unforgettable one-liners, this pack covers it all, ensuring an engaging and entertaining experience for all.


  • READY-MADE TRIVIA PACKS: Save time with pre-prepared questions and answers.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT: Captivate your audience with questions that appeal to both casual fans and hardcore enthusiasts.
  • INCREASED FOOT TRAFFIC: Turn slow nights into bustling events, driving more customers through your doors.
  • BUILD LOYALTY: Create a fun, recurring event that keeps patrons coming back week after week.


Feel the energy as your bar or restaurant fills with excited fans, all eager to prove they know the most about Kevin's adventures. Trivia nights aren’t just events—they’re experiences that build community and boost your bottom line.


Take action now! Purchase the Home Alone Trivia Night Theme Pack today and turn your venue into the ultimate trivia destination.


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